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The ultimate combination of form, texture, and color – Add timeless elegance of handcrafted stone for the ultimate design addition to any fireplace. StoneTransitions Mantel Shelf and Corbels are the perfect design addition for those who demand the best. Designed for use with any type of stone veneer, brick, or other facing materials; or as a stand-alone focal point. Featuring our unique Cast-Loc system, our Mantel Shelves, and Corbels are easy to install, non-combustible and paintable.


A stone for any space

Simply Better

Simply Better

Traditional Edge Profile

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New! Hearthstone Traditional 3 Piece SetHandcrafted StoneTransitions® hearthstones have been meticulously designed for use with a variety of stones and other cladding materials. They are made from non-combustible materials.


  • Traditional Fireplace Trim Kit Components (Universal Return, Keystone, Straight)
  • Trim Kit around Wood-Burning Firebox
  • Trim Kit around Gas Fireplace

Mantel Shelf and Corbels (3 color options)

Fireplace Collections

Trim Kit and Hearthstones

The Perfect Finishings for any Fireplace – Pair either a StoneTransitions® Fireplace Trim Kit or Lintels with our Hearthstones to achieve an awe-inspiring fireplace for your home. Traditional Fireplace Trim Kits – With factory-finished edges, can be installed with/without grout joints. Hearthstones – Designed for use with a wide variety of stone and other fireplace-facing materials. Lintels – The ideal header stone over your fireplace opening or as trim around the entire firebox.

3 Easy Steps 

  1. Measure & Mark. Select Shelf location, draw line. Mark Corbel location. 
  2. Install Mounting Strips Locate studs, install shelf strip. Install Corbel brackets. 
  3. Install Mantel Shelf/Corbels 3. Place Corbels & Shelf on the wall.

Traditional fireplace Trim kit 

“Traditional Trim eliminates the need to build out around the firebox to accommodate stone veneer corner pieces. Saves labor & material cost.”


Install trim over a properly prepared substrate using thin-set, standard mortar, or a high-temperature silicone adhesive, Install with tight-fitted or ⅜ % mortared joint. Tip – Pre-cut pieces to known firebox opening sizes and eliminate job-site cutting. Saves time & money. Enables quality assurance. No Callbacks. Tip- Installation with tight-fit joints eliminates filling & finishing. resulting in perfect joints every time. 

Note: Always check with local building codes and your fireplace manufacturer’s Installation instructions to ensure compliance for your area and application. 

Install with tight-fit joints. Finished edges – no grout or cut stone edges to hide around the firebox opening.

Fireplace Trim Kit Coverage

Add Facing Material – Install stone veneer, brick, or tile. 

Trim Kit Convenience Fireplace. Kit contains all trim needed to surround your firebox opening, up to the dimensions shown in the chart. 

Note: If additional trim pieces are required, Straights and Universal Returns are sold separately by the Stone Transitions.

Colors are integral and require no additional treatment or finishes. Our color selections are designed to complement and enhance stone, brick, tile, stucco, or other fireplace-facing finishes.

Fireplace trim kit (7 color options)

Fireplace Collections

Hearthstones (8 color options)

Fireplace Collections