Tools for installing:

When it comes to installing decorative stone for facing a house, proper adhesive and the right tools are crucial for successful and lasting applications. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply decorative stone:

How to glue or apply a decorative precast stone?

Prepare the Surface:

Ensure the surface where the decorative stone will be installed is clean, dry, and free of any dust, grease, or loose particles.

Select the Adhesive:

Choose an adhesive suitable for bonding the decorative stone to the specific surface. Polyurethane or construction adhesive are often good choices, while a “thin set” choice is ideal for Base Coat over Foam products.

Mix the Adhesive (if required):

If the adhesive needs to be mixed, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to achieve the right consistency.

Apply Adhesive:

Using a caulking gun or trowel, apply the adhesive to the back of the decorative stone. Ensure an even and ample coverage to maximize bonding.

Position the Stone:

Carefully position the stone on the prepared surface, pressing and holding it firmly for a few seconds to secure adhesion.  For heavier products, a ledger board applied underneath the sills or other elements may need to be installed to keep the component level and stationary while the adhesive sets in.

Level and Align:

Use a level and spacers to ensure the decorative stones are level and aligned according to your design.

Apply Grout (if desired):

If you wish to have grout between the stones, carefully apply it after the adhesive has set and the stones are firmly in place.  Due to expansion and contraction properties of Precast, Cast Stone and GFRC products, a typical ¼” wide grout joint is standard.  Also check with your supplier to determine if you are using a non-shrink grout for external applications.

Clean Excess Adhesive and Grout:

Clean off any excess adhesive or grout using a damp sponge or cloth while it is still wet.

Let It Cure:

Allow the adhesive and grout to cure for the recommended time specified by the manufacturer before doing any further work.

Inspect and Finish:

Inspect the installed decorative stones, making any necessary touch-ups or adjustments to achieve the desired look.  For minor patching repairs, Landmark can provide you with some Color Matched Patch Mix and mixing liquid on request.  There is a small, additional charge for Patch Mix. 

Tools for Installing Stone:

1. Caulking Gun or Trowel: For applying adhesive evenly on the back of the stone.

2. Level: To ensure the stones are installed in a level and straight manner.

3. Spacers: For maintaining even grout joints or gaps between the stones.

4. Bucket and Sponge or Cloth: For cleaning and wiping off excess adhesive or grout.

5. Safety Gear: Gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask to protect yourself during the installation process.

By following these steps and using the appropriate tools and adhesives, you can achieve a secure and visually appealing installation of decorative stone for your Building or Landscape Project.