Stone Transitions

Find a cultured stone that matches your vision.

Our products

Each of our products is carefully designed according to the cultured stone standard. All you have to do is choose a style that suits your vision.

Architectural Trim Collection

Function & Stylish – Our light fixture stones and receptacle stones are designed with the Traditional surface texture and can be used with any wall veneer. ReceptacleStones are ideal for both receptacles and switch boxes.

Fireplace Solution

Mantel Components
Traditional series

The ultimate combination of form, texture, and color – adds the timeless elegance of handcrafted stone for the ultimate design addition to any fireplace.

Wall & Pier Cap Collection

Right size, Shape, Color, and Finish for any project.

StoneTransitions Flagstone Wall and Pier caps are both dimensionally consistent, making our Flagstone Caps easy to install!

Watertable, Sill Collection

3 Profiles.

Durable, Functional, and Maintenance free – Watertable, Still products include a sloped top surface and water diversion drip groove that directs water away from surface facing materials for even the harshest climates. Our sills are dimensionally consistent for ease of layout and installation and come in the Traditional surface texture.

Window and Door Trim

4 styles

Create High Impact Custom Looks – Put the perfect finishing touch on any window and door treatments. Available in 4 different styles, our Window, Door Trim and Lintel products are the perfect accent to many exterior finishes.

A stone for any space


Explore the beautiful spaces others have created with cultured stone – no matter the size of your project or design, there is cultured stone for you.

simply better


The beauty of the stone. Ease of siding. Our stone clad siding products from Stone Transitions® offer the authentic appeal of traditional masonry through a modern installation method. Whether your project is inside or outside, renovation or new construction, our stone panel products are the perfect finish.

Made from lightweight aggregate that weighs approximately one-fourth the weight of the full thickness stone. The high quality mechanical fastening system allows you, your builder or contractor to install stone siding without supporting bases, making it the ideal choice for your home remodeling.

Our products are made exclusively with all standards of cultured stone. Our large assortment is full of various ideas that allow you to implement your visualization in real life.

Finish your project with our architectural masterpieces, which are specially created to satisfy all your desires. Today we remain the pioneers and perfectionists who earned us a reputation as a leading manufacturer of stone veneers over 50 years ago.

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