Watertable, Sill Collection

Watertable, Sill – 3 profiles

Durable, Functional, and Maintenance free – Watertable, Sill products include a sloped top surface and water diversion drip groove that directs water away from surface facing materials for even the harshest climates. Our sill are dimensionally consistent for ease of layout and installation and come in the Traditional surface texture.

A stone for any space

Simply Better

Traditional Edge

Watertable/Sill Collection

Rockface Edge

Watertable/Sill Collection

Bullnose Edge

Watertable/Sill Collection

8 Color Options

Colors are integral and require no additional treatment or finishes. Our color selection enables you to match and color coordinate with all of our StoneTransitions architectural profiles such as wall and pier caps, window and door trim, and other products. 

Watertable/Sill Collection